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Take the Heat
3 Minute Miracle

Tepid to total hottie in 3 mins flat

Want to keep cool when everything around you is sizzling? Give your hair 180 seconds of blissful TLC. This miracle laughs in the face of styling tools, steam and hairdryers and protects you when things are reaching boiling point. But groupies? Well, not even we can keep them away from your sizzling charisma!

Meet your hair's new best mate

(Jojo? Hoho?) All you need to know-ho is that this formula, simply oozing with Jojoba seed oil, comes to the rescue of styled tresses, helping to protect them from hot tongs, curlers and tongue-twirlers. Better than a beefy bodyguard you ask?
Oh yeah baby!

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Take the heat 3 Minute Miracle
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