The Aussie Story...

Twenty years ago you’d have been hard pushed to think of anything but Crocodile Dundee to come out of Australia. And maybe a few hair-raising stories about Great Whites. But now Down Under seems to be on top. Australians are sidling into top culinary positions the world over. They’re creating crafty wines and sizzling fashion. Producing film and music we all adore.

And – great stuff to put in your hair.

Aussie. You may well have heard of our special little pet, as it’s gone down a bomb in London and the UK. From nowhere only a few years ago, to a massive fifty million bottles sold. “Good for you,” we can hear you thinking. “But what’s that got to do with me? I haven’t got surfer hair. Can’t even stand up on a skateboard.”

The story goes something like this.

It’s 1979. American hair wizard Tom Redmond is visiting Oz. He’s introduced to a range of fruit and age-old remedies peculiar to the continent. We can imagine Tom going, “gee whizz!”, as he takes in the diverse delights of Blue Gum Leaves. Australian Custard Apple. Quandong. (Read on.) Mint Balm. Wild Cherry Bark. And the protective Jojoba Seed Oil.

We can’t explain why Mr Redmond starts thinking of hair at this stage, but he does. Unhappy, thirsty hair, to be precise. And it dawns on him that all that yummy exotic fruit and nuts and oils and things would do wonders for frazzled hair. Absolutely.

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. That is the name of Tom Redmond’s brainchild. A runaway success of the UK hair market, the product’s won nine awards in only two years. And received praise from, for instance, hard-to-please Vogue UK.

Rather than shouting from the roof tops, Aussie’s climb is a word-of-mouth story. The secret passed on from those in the know to those not yet converted. But now they are. These days the 3MM is no less than a moisturising conditioner star in Britain.

Although we’re the first to agree there’s more to life than hair, we still think it’s a pretty good place to start. Soon you’ll be able to experience what the wilds of Australia can do for your hair. In the spring of next year, the kangaroo-festooned bottle will be seen on shelves in Sweden. There’ll be a range of eleven products, in all.

The low-down is: every bottle’s packed with age-old mysteries and wisdom that’ll do wonders to frizzed out, flat, bushy, limp hair that’s been combed to death. Or gone way beyond control. Testing of Aussie products show that Avocado Oil – to name one ingredient – can help to put your hair at ease, even if you are not. And that the crushed stone of Australian Wild Peach produces an oil that helps your hair retain its natural moisture. And that the Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower helps to make it shine. And that…
We’ll say no more.

We’re confident you’ll love the Aussie line-up. They’ve got great personality, you see.


"There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start" The Aussie Philosophy